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Commissioning of ERP NPP Olkiluoto in Finland

Heitkamp Industrial Solutions congratulates on the successful commissioning of the ERP NPP Olkiluoto III.
Finally, the time has come: the plant is connected to the grid!

The construction of the Olkiluoto III nuclear power plant in Finland is an important milestone for the energy supply in the region. It is the largest construction project in Finland's history and is an example of the advances in technology in the energy sector.

The long-awaited milestone was now celebrated on April 16, 2023: the test phase officially ended, making Olkiluoto III the first third-generation pressurized water reactor to enter service in Europe. With the start of commercial operation now underway, Olkiluoto-3 will supply about 14 % of Finland's current electricity needs in the future. In addition, the commissioning is expected to reduce electricity imports by 60 %.

HEITKAMP's top engineering performance is clearly visible in this project. We have contributed to the structural realization of this plant with outstanding expertise, commitment, and innovative spirit. All in all, this plant is a great achievement which shows that all parties involved have successfully mastered the challenges of the project.

Heitkamp Industrial Solution congratulates all parties involved and is very satisfied to have contributed to the success of this project with the construction services rendered at that time:

In 2005, we started with the new construction of the machine house for the Olkiluoto III nuclear power plant, which was commissioned by the customer Siemens Power Generation. One year later, the new construction of the pump house was started, which was completed in 2011, as well as the new construction of the other building structures.

The construction of the turbine house, pump house and reactor support buildings required immense quantities of construction materials. A total of 130,000 m³ of concrete and 24,000 t of reinforcement were used. 195,000 m² were required for the formwork.

In addition to the structural work, a wide variety of technical finishing work was also required. These were carried out from 2010 to 2018 for various power sections of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. The steel and metal construction work were also awarded to Heitkamp by AREVA NP and Siemens. Among other things, this included the supply and installation of ladder and stair systems, grating platforms, railings, special floor hatches with a floor area of up to 20m² meeting the highest fire protection requirements, as well as airtight covers in safety zones of the reactor building and shielding systems against electromagnetic pulses. Other work included special sealing of parts of the building using special joint tapes, joint types, core drilling and dowel work, screed work, suspended ceilings, painting work, heating, ventilation, and sanitary work, as well as equipping the changing rooms and installing heating lines for the de-icing lines of the pump houses.

During construction, strict safety and quality standards had to be met to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the power plant. The demands on the buildings were high and the work had to be carried out carefully to meet the specifications. Overall, the construction of the Olkiluoto III nuclear power plant was a huge project that required enormous commitment and resources.

It is a matter of pride for us to see that HEITKAMP is still one of the few civil engineering companies in Germany with a KTA 1401 certification. This certification is a testimony to our high-quality standards and our commitment to excellence.

We wish all parties involved a safe, smooth, and efficient operation in the decades to come. The successful implementation of this project will help reduce global carbon emissions and secure energy supplies in the region.

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