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Safety Day at the Mainova cogeneration plant: A day for safety and teamwork

On June 13, 2023, an exciting and informative program on the topic of safety took place at the Mainova cogeneration plant in Frankfurt, which was supported by numerous companies and organizations. Heitkamp Industrial Solutions was also on site with its entire project team and actively participated in the program.

The Safety Day was aimed at providing employees and those involved in the construction of the new Mainova combined heat and power plant with a comprehensive understanding of safety and health protection. To this end, various stations were set up where participants could obtain information and complete practical exercises.

One of the stations dealt with the SiGeKo (safety and health coordinator), who plays an important role in coordinating and monitoring safety measures. Here, employees were able to learn more about the tasks and responsibilities of a SiGeKo and were sensitized to identify and avoid potential risks to ensure safety in the workplace.

Another station was dedicated to Parts Event Supervision 4 Safety. Here, the focus was also on safety on the construction site - from personal protective equipment to being mindful of obstacles and trip hazards, fire extinguishing drills to dealing with suspected intoxication.

A particularly exciting part of the program was the station for the height rescue part of the event. Since the Mainova combined heat and power plant has tall buildings and equipment, rescue from heights is an important topic. The employees had the opportunity to learn about various rescue techniques and apply them themselves.

To strengthen teamwork, there was a team-finding task in which the participants had to overcome a challenge together. This task not only fostered a sense of togetherness, but also highlighted the importance of working together in the area of safety.

As a memento of Safety Day, participants received a special gift to remind them of the importance of safety. This commemorative gift will help maintain safety awareness beyond the event.

Safety Day at the Mainova cogeneration plant was a complete success. The event not only promoted awareness of safety measures, but also strengthened team spirit and cooperation at the CHP plant.

Heitkamp Industrial Solutions thanks for this successful exchange and wishes all participants of the project continued success and mindful cooperation!

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