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We are pleased to introduce you to the comprehensive services and commitment of our parent company, the Rönesans Group.

Our parent company, the Rönesans Group, is known for its strong commitment to social projects and its pioneering initiatives to promote industrial sustainability. As a leader in the construction sector with a clear vision for the future, the Rönesans Group focuses on innovative solutions to minimise the environmental impact of our projects while making a positive contribution to society.

The outstanding features of the Rönesans Group include:


The Rönesans Group consistently pursues sustainable practices and strives to reduce its environmental footprint. This includes the use of energy-efficient technologies, the utilisation of renewable energy and the implementation of environmentally friendly construction and operational practices.

Innovative solutions

With a strong focus on research and development, the Rönesans Group is setting new standards in the industry. Its innovative strength is reflected in the realisation of state-of-the-art construction and engineering solutions that are both economically and ecologically beneficial.

Global presence

As an internationally active company, the Rönesans Group is represented in numerous countries and brings its extensive expertise to bear in various markets. This global presence makes it possible to share and implement best practices and innovative approaches worldwide.

Social commitment

Through numerous programmes and partnerships, the Rönesans Group supports education, health and cultural projects in the communities in which it operates. This commitment not only promotes the local quality of life, but also strengthens social cohesion.

At Heitkamp Industrial Solutions, we are proud to be part of this visionary group. Our services and projects are characterised by the high standards and values of the Rönesans Group.

Find out more about our joint initiatives, successes, and our endeavours to make the future more sustainable and socially responsible.

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Our company is looking back on a successful building tradition since 1892. Heitkamp stands for the optimal interaction of engineering know-how and constructional realisation.


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