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Occupational health and safety policy

  • Our actions are always aimed at protecting customers, subcontractors, employees and third parties from harm.
  • Occupational safety and health protection are management tasks. Every superior bears responsibility for these matters.
  • The requirements for occupational health and safety apply to all levels of our company and must be supported and implemented by our employees.These requirements are equally valid for suppliers, subcontractors and service providers. We want to work in partnership to achieve the goal of an accident-free construction site.
  • Health hazards and accidents are avoidable with safety-motivated personnel. A planned and structured approach is the basis for accident prevention.


Environmental policy

  • Our company will handle orders for planning, design and construction in an environmentally friendly way, as far as this can be achieved economically with the best available technology.
  • The practised environmental protection is constantly adapted to new insights and requirements so that a continuous improvement can be realised.
  • All our services, especially environmentally friendly purchasing and the use of materials on our construction sites, are regularly reviewed and evaluated internally.
  • Our managers are responsible for ensuring that the necessary working procedures, working equipment and sufficiently trained personnel are available for the required service / construction work.


Quality policy

  • The cooperation with our customers is based on partnership, long-term and trust.
  • Our solutions are precisely tailored to the customer. The basis for the customer's satisfaction and our success is the economic efficiency for both sides and the fulfilment of the assured characteristics.
  • Integrating the performance and ensuring the quality of our suppliers and subcontractors is an essential part of our service to the customer. They are an integral part of our value chain.
  • We can only achieve our high quality goals with a motivated and qualified team of employees. We demand and encourage responsible, independent and professional action and attach importance to the continuous professional and personal development of each employee.
  • All employees of the company are encouraged to work on the continuous improvement process for the benefit of our customers, partners and our company through their own initiative and teamwork.


Quality assurance

  • Independent quality management department
  • Experienced quality assurance personnel for concrete, steel, welding and organisational procedures
  • Balanced and functionally confirmed quality control systems in various power and nuclear power plant projects
  • Understanding and consideration of requirements from the point of view of clients, builders and authorities



Qualification Certificates

EN ISO 9001

Certificate of Bureau Veritas concerning the introduction and application of a quality management systemin accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2015

EN ISO 14001

Certificate of Bureau Veritas concerning the introduction and application of an environmental management system in accordance with the standard ISO 14001:2015

EN ISO 45001

Certificate of Bureau Veritas concerning the introduction and application of an occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the ISO 45001:2018

EN ISO 3834-2

Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials

AD2000 HPO
DGRL 2013/68/EU

General principles for design, manufacture and associated testing, and compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive

EN 1090
EN ISO 17660-1
N ISO 17660-2

Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Manufacturer qualification for welding reinforced steel

HAVO Qualification Certification in acc. with DIN 1045-3

Certification of skilled workers for the production and installation of concrete with higher strength in accordance with DIN 1045-3

Concrete Quality Mark

Certificate based on monitoring performed to ensure compliance with a consistently high level of quality

KTA 1401

Certificate confirming the qualification for a systems- and product-related quality assurance in accordance with Rule KTA 1401

SHE Management Systems­ in acc. with SCC

Certificate on the introduction and application of a safety, health and environmental protection management system

Specialist company acc. to WHG acc. to § 62 AwSV

Certificate as a specialist company in accordance with § 62 of the Water Resources Act (WHG): Erection, repair, internal cleaning and closure of systems involving substances hazardous to water

Permission in acc. with the German "Radiation Protection Ordinance"

Enforcement of the Radiation Protection Ordinance pursuant to § 25 StrlSchG for activities in third-party facilities and installations

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